Timo Lehtinen, Insta Automation Oy: “MABCO developed with us the new Insta Effect -product”

“MABCO helped us model the new Insta Effect -product, which our industry has never had before. We are now starting the sales of this electrical automation’s asset management service concept.”

“Insta Effect is an intelligent innovation for industrial automation and electrification. It can increase the productivity of a production line or factory by as much as 15 percent, bring significant savings regarding energy consumption and improve process and environmental safety.”

“We developed the product with MABCO for six months. MABCO was in charge of the development process. They led workshops and documented and organized processes into a sensible form for further commenting and modifying.”

“We expect a new business from Insta Effect and more results. The product also supports the growth and development of other businesses. In other words, it acts as a synergistic supplementary service with which we can provide even better service to our customers.”

“The systematic process control was very good in this project. The approach of MABCO personnel is delightfully pragmatic. They not only paint high-flown visions, but actually produce executable material. For example, we received documents about how the service product proceeds and what are the customer benefits as well as the product’s sales arguments.”

Timo Lehtinen
Insta Automation Oy

Insta Automation Oy is a full-service company in the automation, instrumentation and electrification fields. Customers include companies in the process, energy and marine industries as well as the public sector which is responsible for the infrastructure of society. The company employs about 500 people. Insta Automation is part of the Insta Group, which is a Finnish family-owned business.