Jorma Alanen, Makulaku Oy: “MABCO has implemented well proven operating models in our company”

“In May 2018 we started an extensive redesign project with MABCO regarding our production. Its purpose is to develop new operating models and to advance Makulaku’s production.

“We are currently in the middle of strong growth. We have invested several millions of euros into a new production and packaging line that doubles the factory’s production capacity. In addition, our customer base is expanding and new customers have different types of requirements. In the past, most of the production was liquorice ropes and bulk products, but now we are producing more and more branded and consumer packaged liquorice products directly to retailers. Especially exports are growing.”

“Growth and new customer relationships are challenging for operation. Grocery store requirements for deliveries and operations are different from those in industry. For example, products are delivered directly from the warehouse and are not produced for the order. There are far more warehouse-guided products than before.”

“The development project with MABCO is ongoing. The first phase will be completed by the end of 2018, but development itself never ends.”

“We have been very pleased with Mabco’s work so far. Since this is such an extensive project, it is a challenge to keep posture within our own organization so that daily matters do not run over the development project. Commonly big projects tend to stretch out and they may lose their goal. When there is a clear procedure for implementing a project and management, the project remains on schedule and achieving the goals is assured.”
“It is also a good idea for a small company like ours to get MABCO’s vision and the know-how of big companies’ operating models that have repeatedly been recognized to be good.”

“At the beginning of the project we had a kickoff meeting with MABCO and Makulaku’s key personnel. The backgrounds and the current state were defined. After that the key personnel started to carry out the defined entities. A monitoring meeting is once a month where the actual situation is assessed and the next steps are decided. There are individual improvement cases that arise all the time.”

Jorma Alanen
Vice President
Makulaku Lakritsa Oy

Makulaku has been developing liquorice products already since 1994. The major strengths of Makulaku is the knowledge and the product development of liquorice. In 1997 Makulaku launched the first black organic liquorice to the international markets. In the year of 2011 Makulaku was once again the first company to introduce a new product range comprising a choice of organic filled liquorice. The liquorice manufactory in Porvoo is environmentally friendly. Geothermal energy is used for heating up the factory. We use a certified FSSC 22000 food safety management system. The production is also certified organic. Makulaku Lakritsa Oy is part of Makua Foods Oy Group.