Mabco’s service offering has expanded

We executed a comprehensive study among our Finnish customers on their expert service needs in improving productivity and cost-efficiency of production and maintenance operations as well as in executing change management. As a result of the study our  customers were especially seeking HR expert services alongside our current services. The main reasons for the growing interest in HR expert services in Finland were i.a.:

  • Competition on competent human resources has tightened as the result of the booming economy, which creates new challenges for recruiting employees, developing new payroll systems, managing employment and related jurisprudence as well as developing working community
  • Number of acquisitions and business transfers are growing fast, which requires a broad competence and experience in the execution of the integrations (both businesses and organizations)
  • Changes in the employment related jurisprudence increase needs for the change security and adjustment services

Kindly visit our web-site in order to explore our expanded service offering ( or contact us – we would be happy to tell more about our services and to submit an expert service solution for your needs.