Jari Kuivanen, Turku Energia: ”Other such professionals in this field are not found in Finland”

“Since 2015 Mabco has made three operation and maintenance development programs, which have been continuations of each other, for Turku Energia.”

“I can fairly say that the added value of Mabco’s services has been significant to our company.”

“Mabco personnel have a high level of expertise. I would argue that other professionals in this field are not found in Finland. Mabco fellows understand both the operation and maintenance issues of the energy sector without having to explain matters separately.”

“In addition, their working methods are flexible and fast. There is no need to inquire after the work. On the contrary, information comes even earlier than pre-agreed.”

“Mabco personnel also adopt well to changing situations. Often in extensive scopes of work the baseline may change along the way.”

“In particular, I appreciate the fact that we have received a concrete list of proposals and clear charts on what matters should be taken forward, what matters are in order and what matters require the measures at first. This way we are able to start development work promptly. Typically, consultancy firm reports consist of top-level issues. Instead, Mabco’s studies have dealt directly with the practice.”

Jari Kuivanen
Director, Heat Business Unit
Turku Energia

Turku Energia is the leading energy company in Southwest Finland and one of Finland’s largest companies in the field. Energy services include electrical energy, electricity distribution, district heating, district cooling and steam as well as network contracting and maintenance services for electricity, outdoor lighting and traffic lights.

The parent company of Turku Energia -corporation is Oy Turku Energia – Åbo Energi Ab, which is owned by the city of Turku.