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Our support services for planning and execution of company and business acquisitions


  • Execution of current state analysis to define the acquisition target’s (company or business) operative business’s development targets, to identify development potentials and risks as well as to specify concrete development actions and programs
  • Support services for competitive tendering for business outsourcing and insourcing to specify / comment invitations to tender, tender pricing and contract models and also support services for contract negotiations
  • Expert or project manager support for acquisition target’s carve out and integration planning and execution to ensure the continuous, uninterrupted business
  • Acquisition target’s management system, procedure, operation process and KPI control specification and integration into customer’s systems to improve operative business’s productivity, cost-efficiency and systematic way of working
  • Acquisition target’s support function and administration procedure specification, development and integration into customer’s systems to improve management, productivity and cost-efficiency
  • Change trainings for acquisition target’s personnel to ensure the implementation of new ways of working
  • Management trainings for acquisition target’s managers and supervisors to ensure high class and cost-efficient operation
  • Specification of procedures and practices for acquisition target’s production and distribution network asset management to improve availability, cost optimization and predictability as well as to assure risk management
  • Specification of procedure for acquisition target’s work and resource planning to enhance own and outsourced resource utilization
  • Development of acquisition target’s procurement and supplier management to improve cost-efficiency and to assure risk management
  • Development of acquisition target’s warehouse management to improve cost-efficiency and risk management
  • Support services for acquisition target’s maintenance and asset management IT system specification, delivery and commissioning to ensure the IT system’s adequacy, functionality and control of project costs