Sami Hakkarainen, Venator: “They were able to create an enthusiastic atmosphere”

“We started to create and develop a new operating model with Mabco for managing our own and external service providers at the Venator Pori titanium oxide plant in the autumn of 2017. The job descriptions and responsibilities for different roles were updated and the key operational processes were identified in the development project.”

“The aim was to identify key competencies originating from the criticality of Venator Pori’s production processes and equipment, as well as dividing them into our own core competencies and technologies as well as into the expertise and services of strategic partners and other service providers.”

“In addition, it was important for us to determine the division of responsibilities within our organization, i.e. with what kind of organization we can manage and control outsourced services the best.”

“I think the competence of Mabco personnel is perfect for such a study. Previously, they have been responsible for managing and maintaining extensive maintenance activities at the site and acting as an external service provider.”

“In my experience, they were well equipped to get the best out of the participants. The workshops had enthusiastic atmospheres and personnel participated in the development projects with motivation. We had knowledge ourselves, but with Mabco we got ways to process information and find our own strengths and development targets.”

Sami Hakkarainen
Engineering Manager
Venator, Pori

Venator is a leading global chemical company dedicated to the development and manufacture of titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigments and performance additives. The broad and versatile portfolio of leading pigments and additives includes many well-known brand names and industry-leading products.

Venator operates in 27 locations and employs over 4,500 people serving customers in over 110 countries.