MABCO focuses  its consulting services to objective current state studies of manufacturing  industry’s and energy production & distribution’s operational activities, determining concrete development solutions, realistic assessment of  productivity improvement potential and effective change management. We also assist help venture capitalists in the valuation of acquisition and sales projects, their risk assessment and takeover.

Our broad expertise in operational industrial and service businesses, our innovative and solution-oriented development work as well as the personal experiences  of our experts in managing change projects allow for individual customer-specific solutions, strategic differentiation from the competitors and the sustainable development of operational competitiveness.

Strategic development

  • Business environment, customer and competitor analyses
  • Corporate and business strategies
  • Production strategies
  • Maintenance strategies
  • Physical asset management
  • Service business strategies
  • Product and sales strategies
  • Mentoring services


Development of operational activities and productivity

  • Current state studies of production, operation, maintenance and procurement
  • Management and development of operational activities
  • Development of operational models and processes and organizations
  • Management and development of subcontracting
  • Management and development of sparepart warehouses
  • Support in maintenance information system projects
  • Outsourcing and insourcing projects
  • Mentoring services

sliderbDevelopment of service business and sales

  • Business environment, customer and competitor analyses
  • Business and competitiveness analyses
  • Development of productivity and cost-efficiency of operational activities
  • Development, productization and commercialization of services
  • Management and development of sales and customer service
  • Development and establishement of operational systems
  • Mentoring services

sliderbPersonnel services (available only for sites in Finland)

    • Employment and related jurisprudence
    • Personnel analyses and integration
    • Recruitment process
    • Development of the payroll system
    • Superior training and development of the working community
    • Change security and adjustment services

Execution of Carve-Out, Integration and change projects

    • Development potential assessment of operational activities and productivity of acquisition projects
    • Support in pricing and risk analysis of company acquisitions and business transactions
    • Planning, budgeting and resourcing of Carve-Out and Integration projects
    • Execution planning of development and change projects
    • Management and support services of execution projects
    • Development and establishment of operating and IT systems
    • Fixed-term CEO and other management support services
    • Mentoring services