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“The agreed price and schedule were kept”

“Fully independent service provider”

“In December 2019 we ordered a current state analysis about our power plants’ operations from MABCO. It consisted of interviews and workshops to which participated wide range of power plants’ operation and maintenance professionals from different organizational levels.”

“MABCO had a constructive approach, and the questions were very well prepared, so the topics were easy to go through. From the analysis we got huge amount of information about the development targets and also about topics which are working sufficiently. In addition, all the interviewees gave good feedback “

“As a result, in year 2020 we ordered a power plants’ maintenance development program from MABCO for the becoming years. We had a ready structure of a plan which we went through together and made the needed adjustments and clarifications. In spring 2021 we created together also procedures and process flowcharts for operation, and maintenance and investments.”

“It is very common that there are not enough time and resources for business development while you are busy with the operational tasks. From the cooperation with MABCO we have got more human resources but also valuable expertise and vision for our operation and maintenance works. We also got confirmation to our own ideas that we are going to the right direction.”

“Important added value are MABCO’s references from energy and other industries. With their help we have been able to see in wider perspective where the world is going to and how the direction affects our own field of industry. Above all, they have proven methods, ready-to-use models and expertise to carry through development processes.”

“Before we begin to work, MABCO goes through very carefully the scope, schedule and pricing of the works. They provide you very good material already in the proposal phase. All the three cases have been performed exactly as agreed and the pricing for example hasn’t been discussed at all after the proposal.”

“MABCO’s advantage is its independency. As a fully independent company they are not tied to any direction. They only sell their own wide expertise.”

“We are going to continue the cooperation in the future. I think that their services fit for our kind of company, which doesn’t have many development resources on its own and not too much time to delve into business development.”

Jari Mäkelä
Production Director
Kotkan Energia Oy

Kotkan Energia Oy is an energy group owned by the city of Kotka. Its main products are district heat, industrial steam and electricity, and waste-to-energy services. The company utilizes biofuels, peat, non-recyclable waste, and natural gas in its Hovinsaari power plant, Hyötyvoima power plant and boiler plants. The company has also three wind turbines. The turnover of Kotkan Energia was 49,8 million Euros in year 2020. There are approximately 120 employees in the group. Kotkan Energiaverkot Oy, Kotka Gas Oy and KotkaTec Oy are subsidiaries fully owned by Kotkan Energia.