Kari Ojala, SSAB: ”They know how to identify key issues and then simplify them”

“In 2016, Mabco made a mapping of the current state of maintenance for Raahe steelworks. In addition, they supported us in composing our maintenance strategy and in the reorganization of our steelworks’ maintenance operations.”

“The most important benefit was the support we received from Mabco regarding our own ideas. In addition, we gained new perspectives and different emphases. Due to that the end result was better. A realistic timetable for the introduction and implementation of the renewed maintenance strategy and a clear vision of the carrying through of the reform were attained.”

”Mabco’s personnel are fully in their own core competence area. They have experience both in actual maintenance service work and its management.”

”The biggest difference compared to other consulting companies is Mabco’s strong practical know-how in the target area. For example, when we told about the reform to the entire personnel, Mabco’s fellows were fully able to participate in the discussion. There was no such feeling that these consultants only comprehend matters in theory, rather they were able to answer very practical questions with a hands-on attitude.”

” Their specialty is their ability to simplify matters. They examine matters broadly whilst focusing on what is essential. Hence, everyone quickly gets a grasp of what needs to be done in concrete terms and not only a direction to go towards.”

Kari Ojala
Development director, SSAB Europe

The SSAB corporation is a global steel company. Production facilities in Sweden, Finland and the USA have a total annual steel production capacity of 8.8 million tonnes. SSAB Raahe steelworks manufactures standard, premium and special steels. The steelworks has a coking plant, two blast furnaces, steel mill, power plant and hot rolling mill.