Jouko Latvakangas, Vapo Oy: “They perceive the big picture of maintenance operations”

“MABCO had a consultative role in the acquiring and implementing of our new maintenance management system. The system renewal concerned Vapo’s 100 heating plants and six power plants in Finland as well as Kekkilä’s production plants in Finland owned by Vapo. I was responsible for the renewal of the maintenance system for the heat and power plants myself and I acted as a subscriber towards MABCO.”

“I know the MABCO’s pals from previous jobs, so I knew their background and know-how. In such an extensive renewal work it is important to perceive the whole picture. For example, I knew that from MABCO there is a guy involved who has made countless of maintenance system acquisitions and commissionings. He knew how to quickly seize the problem areas that needed to be known at the time of the system acquisition. It is precisely the kind of experience we sought.”

“What differed from other consultancy companies was the concreteness and the professional and thorough walkthrough of processes. MABCO personnel knew how to take into account the differences in plant types and customer relationships. For example, the usability requirements of our industrial customers are of high degree. The MABCO personnel were also involved in the supplier’s procurement negotiations.”

“As the base work of the renewal was done so well and on schedule, the now on-going commissioning phase of the plants has progressed up to twice the speed. The new vendor exchanges information from the old systems to the new one. After that, we will implement the new maintenance system with our own personnel one plant at a time.”

“The needs of different plants vary. Plants across the country have several users as well as subcontractors who need to have access to the systems. Since the field is so broad, systematic mapping is needed to make it work in every operational environment. In the future, the system can also be extended to the Swedish and Estonian plants.”

Jouko Latvakangas
Production director
Vapo Oy, Heat and Power

Vapo Oy is a conglomerate operating in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. Vapo focuses on growing and recycling, the production of solid fuels, heating, electricity and steam as well as the provision of various energy solutions. Vapo also develops new products from peat and other natural materials. Vapo employs approximately 700 people in Finland, Sweden and Estonia.