Antti Tervo, Lassila&Tikanoja: “We expect opinions from our partners as well”

“MABCO was assisting in a large project that involved developing a service delivery model and improving solutions in the customer interface. During 2017 the development work was carried out nationwide in the industrial service business – however, it was done so that it applied to all industrial customer segments.”

“MABCO’s work clarified our management model and helped us to better identify customers’ needs. The most concrete benefit has been their strong vision and expertise in the industrial environment.”

“They have a very pragmatic grip. We quickly found the most important development areas in the discussions. When we buy expert work, we do not just buy the management or documentation expertise of a project, but we also expect our partners to see what the business environment needs or how we should develop it.”

“When acting at the customer interface, it is important that the partner’s business is also credible and appropriate. For example, MABCO led joint workshops between us and our customers. We expect that our partners are professionals in everything they do just as we are.”

Antti Tervo
Vice President, Industrial Services
Lassila & Tikanoja

Lassila & Tikanoja, together with customers, helps keep materials, properties and factories in productive use and enhances the use of raw materials and energy. The company helps its customers maintain the value of properties and materials while protecting the environment. L & T operates in Finland, Sweden and Russia. The company employs about 8700 people. L&T is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.