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“Well customized training for our needs”

“We organized a training program about economical topics for our personnel in charge of domestic parcel deliveries during years 2020 and 2021. There were 90 participants in Teams -trainings which were held during couple of weeks. The participants were transportation coordinators, planners and supervisors. The specialist from MABCO planned each group specific set of trainings. At first we went them through together in cooperation after which he held the trainings for our personnel.”

“The target group gave extremely good feedback for the training. Some of them praised that now the fundamental topics were recalled, meaning the factors which have the most effect on making positive business profit in transportation solutions. Some people from the newer supervisor personnel found it interesting to learn the operation based on numbers.”

“In result-based management we examine the profitability in smaller and smaller entities. With analytics we can get better transparency of profitability and cost structure of the whole production:”

“Since we are all the time adding new analytics and measurement to the operational work, we also need better understanding of the analytics and to get update about the economical topics – that leverage which the personnel can use in their own work to have impact on the profit development, see the cause and effect in cost structure and to benefit from the new indicators at one’s work.”

“If we just bring enormous amount of numbers to the field and say “lead with these”, personnel at the field might not understand what the numbers are based on and how to have the best impact on them. Now the operating profit and sales margin were not trained, but the economical perspective of the operative production management.”

“Analytics together with the know-how of the personnel has already paved the way for positive profit development in competitive parcel transportation markets.”

“We knew already in advance that the instructor at MABCO has strong know-how in the transportation economics. He knew how to adjust the training package to match the need of this industry. Well customized training exactly for our needs. A top professional!”

Hannu Kaihilahti
Parcel transport
Posti Oy

Posti is one of the leading delivery and fulfillment companies in Finland, Sweden and Baltics. Posti has the widest network coverage in Finland and it offers a wide range of postal, logistics, freight, and eCommerce services. Posti Group’s net sales in 2020 amounted to EUR 1.6 billion. Posti employs approximately 21,000 people. Posti Group Corporation is a public limited company owned entirely by the Finnish state.